Scrable: The Beautiful Word

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As appeared in I Believe in Advertising:

Scrabble is a standard board game worldwide which celebrates today its 60th birthday. With 100 millions of boxes sold throughout 121 countries in 29 languages, it is the most sold letter game ever. Despite this success, Scrabble is mostly seen today as an elitist and outdated game. Its play dimension is in a constant slow down. Eventually, the penetration rate is already high in France, and therefore we must recruit (new) young families. Scrabble’s present stakes: - Revamping the brand and its values - Getting rid of an a priori: “Scrabble is not a game only entertaining for the lovers of words and figures”. - Helping to rediscover the richness of the game experience The strategy behind the campaign : our “Big Ideal” for Scrabble: What is the Big Ideal ? Cultural Tension + Brand’s Best Self = Big Ideal For Scrabble : Loss of words in a fast, electronic media driven age + Scrabble is a great fun with words = For Scrabble, the world would be a better place if we loved words more. The principle of the campaign : Different words accidentally encounter during a Scrabble game, giving by chance birth to a world as unexpected as enchanting. Picture a board of Scrabble at the end of a game: words that have nothing to do with each other are crossing and overlapping, to the point that they sometimes tell a crazy story ! Our creative idea is to turn this fabulous potential into images. Everything will be executed by different illustrators, in order to come out with the best diversity in the possibilities offered by SCRABBLE.
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