The End Of The Political

(as we know it)

The Political is suffering. It is suffering its own demise. Having been the ground of representations, having had the control of power, having claimed its central role in governance, it forgot it also had to manifest its effectiveness and its right to withhold these powers. Thus, the Political has proven to been arrogant. This arrogance is documented in its own attempts to negate and/or to resist all criticism referring to the fundamentalist character of its (essentialist) self-determination. This negation is all-embracing and ever-resisting: it stands against all alternative signifiers that struggle to have a share of its powers: social formations, cultural expressions, public discourses - all valid human expressions of representation/power/governance that seek to produce meaning and diffuse it with and through different means, forms and structures than those of the bureaucratic and narcissist patterns of the Political.

Yet, negation and resistance are counter-productive. They are regularly deductive, often inductive and definitely seductive. The Political, in its very moment of suffering, refuses to subject itself in a process of re:arrangement, of re:allocation, of re:orientation of its meaning. It resists analysis. Against the prospect of its redefinition, it beholds Law as its primordial asset and poses it as an armor of references ready to repulse any objections: a deo rex, a rege lex.

But the production of meaning and its free dispersion at all directions is the fundamental pattern designating the movement of human history. All counter-productive formations (discursive or non-discursive) had and will never be able to totally control the flow of the production of meaning. For the latter, always finds its way in knowledge, even in forms that appear latent and marginalised. Mainstreaming these oppressed forces that proliferate meaning outside the sphere of the demised Political, is like placing a self-reflecting mirror in front of its face, it is a step towards the (always historical) moment of its discursive arrest. This task asks for our support and creative force: we need to make it happen.



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