Greece 2.0

Greece 1.0 is full of junk info: useless info on how to go around things and never confront them directly, info about infos with no content whatsoever, content without context, content that invents and imposes contexts as reality. The game is superficial in-itself and as such it is sudective. Being seductive has been the essence of our 1.0 version. In politics, in society, in business, seduction has being the code of our contact. And as all essence, it is apparently lacking a center and a core. It is a pattern that searches discursive anchors, a method of defiance to all truth. We have a name for that game in version 1.0: we call it services - this is what buy, sell, exchange. We became consumers/traders of no content, with no context, in a market that we invented and recycled at a borrowed pace, a pace dictated by imported habbits, methods, money and technology.

While becoming good consumers/traders in v.1.0 we never learnt how to be citizens. We always have been amateur dessidents. In the light of this habbit, we lack resources. In-and-for-themselves resources, that will offer us ways and means to transform ourselves from amateur dessidents to citizens. Maybe there needs to be a middle passage in that dialectical turn: maybe we need to learn how to be proffesional dessidents in order to get a hint of what citizenship is all about. But then again, what kind of political culture do we have at hand to take our task as pro-dessidents seriously? No resources means no references. No references means no education. No education means shut the fuck up and start listening: it is time to listen. It is time for some R&D for Greece 2.0.

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