negative space from miss murple on Vimeo.


monospace said...

Very nice miss murple. Well done!
To keno epitelous symplirothike (me perissotero keno).

Remember those conversations in mamute's home? Mmmm... Nice! :)

Well done once again!

mamute said...

mbravo re miss murple!
from concept to completion loipon ;)
to keno sta kalytera tou...
super video!

murplej@ne said...

credits to mono for the idea, credits to mao for the text, credits to kathy for the intro :)

*μακαρι να ειχα καταφερει καλυτερο συγχρονισμο στα sounds

mamute said...

i wouldn't change a thing!

**ok.. maybe the song ;P

funky bstrd said...

;) evge!

murplej@ne said...


* κι εγω αλλο song εψαχνα αλλα μετα απο 3 ωρες πειραματισμου παραιτηθηκα...

**θελουμε slide με φωτος απο Ολλανδια!

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