Killing in the name of..Xfactor!

The UK Christmas number 1 is Britain’s most hotly-contested music chart of the year, dominated for the past 4 years by Simon Cowell’s X Factor franchise and its conveyor belt of manufactured stars. X Factor winner Joe McElderry looked set to take the chart with ease.
But this year was different: web-based groups decided to take action, establishing a Facebook page called “RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1“. It accrued almost 1 million fans, all vying to make “Killing In The Name” the number one record this Christmas. Tonight, the campaign proved successful: Killing in the Name sold around 500,000 copies, versus 450,000 for McElderry. It’s the first UK number one for RATM, and proof that internet campaigns can turn the tables.

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mamute said...

poly mou arese genika ayth h eidhsh!
ta katefere telika, k pws na mh ta kataferei mia tetoia kommatara, me toso pio alh8ina mynhmata apo ayta twn prokat xmas songs.
me xalase bebaia h ypokrisia tou bbc5, tou proodeytikou kommatiou tou radiofwnou ths agglias ypoti8etai, pou ekopse to live tous ston aera.
anyway kratame to gegonos oti ayth h dynamh tou internet einai terastia k as th xrhsimopoioume pio syxna k gia alla pragmata :)

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