The pre-boiled egg...

How to not boil an egg

Thanks to a miracle of modern ingenuity you need never boil or shell another egg - for Oliver Thring of Thring for Your Supper it's the beginning of the end. What's the most ridiculous pre-prepared food or ingredient you've come across?

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murplej@ne said...

ποσο εχει το πακετο;

murplej@ne said...

ακομα να μαθεις ποσο εχει το πακετο;!

murplej@ne said...

"They cost 89p for a pack of two or £1.49 for four. That works out at between 37p and 45p an egg.

In contrast, Asda's cheapest eggs are sold in a 15-pack costing £1.45 - or 9.7p per egg.

The company is hoping shoppers will be happy to pay extra to take what little hassle there is out of a tea-time egg.

It also saves them from hunting out Delia Smith's step-by-step guide to the perfect boiled egg.


murplej@ne said...


mamute said...


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