mutations 02

και κάτι ακόμα απ' τα χεράκια μου...
επειδή δε το ζητήσατε...
γι' αυτό και σας το δίνω...
με αγάπη!


1. monoroom - memory inc part 2 (gui boratto rmx)
2. lawrence - along the wire (superpitcher rmx)
gui boratto - anunciation
4. daso - meine
5. nudisco - ajowan (stereofunk rmx)
6. moguai - freaks (tocadisco rmx)
7. dj dlg - play
8. robert babicz - dont look back
9. tracey thorn - its all true (martin buttrich rmx)
10. lit louis - french kiss


Chaca-Khan said...
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Chaca-Khan said...

πήρα κ γω ένα :)

mamute said...

pare chaka-khan...
exoume perisseyma ;)

dimhap said...

θενκ γιου

mamute said...

pio omorfo to blog sou dimhap ;)
thank you!

monospace said...

This is some great music dude! Mute at his best. You have to listen to this one! ;)

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