Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald - ReComposed

01. Intro
02. Movement 1
03. Movement 2
04. Movement 3
05. Movement 4
06. Interlude
07. Movement 5
08. Movement 6

The third installment of Deutsche Grammophon’s Recomposed series comes from techno godfathers Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound). Together the joint forces of Detroit and Berlin put their hands on classical material from Maurice Ravel and Modest Mussorgsky. Now, I would understand anybody’s scepticism towards such projects, but Craig and von Oswald treat the samples with respect, using them to compose their own arrangements, slowly progressing into an electronic, orchestral something. Still, though parts from Ravel and Mussorgsky are present, the final outcome resembles more the works from the likes of Steve Reich, Philip Glass or last year’s album-collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz. Whether it’s how Carl and Moritz reacted to each other, or it’s just the awstruck the originals may have caused - together they achieve to create a new exciting sound which is neither much like any Carl Craig or Basic Channel production.

The album consists of an introduction six Movements and one more interlude, but basically it should be considered as a whole, one track. Having had access to Deutsche Grammophon’s immense back-catalogue, Craig and von Oswald picked the works Rapsodia Espanola (Ravel) and Bilder einer Ausstellung (Pictures of an Exhibition, Mussorgsky). What a struggle it must have been whether to attempt Bolero or not! (source)


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