Vinyl Biscuits Vol. 1

1. Tommy Hools - Barcelona
2. Dusty Springfiled - Spooky
3. The Elevators - Separator
4. Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow
5. Rufus Harley - Nobody Knows The Trouble Us People Is Done Seen
6. Wayne Henderson - Cucamonga
7. Letta Mbulu - Mahlalela
8. Frank Popp Ensemble - Leave Me Alone
9. The Sugarman 3 - Half Chicken
10. Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Workin'
11. Sharon Jones - This Land Is Your Land
12. The Majestics - Funky Chick
13. Vern Blair Debate - Ohh Ah Ee

[not mixed, not grilled, no preservatives - eat fresh, with gaps, with love, with happiness]


murplej@ne said...


monospace said...

Teleio! Epitelous to akousame me thn isixia mas! ( an kai eixa thn timh na pareyriskomai thn wra ths dhmiourgias tou!)

Perimenoume anypomona to ypoloipo. Monthly trainstorming podcast! (please!)

a young enthousiastic designer with a can-do attitude!!

mamute said...

arghse na mpei sto sklhro, alla akolou8hse poly repeat sto listening!
waiting for vol 2 ;)

monospace said...

You can listen (live stream), the mix online on:


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