The Grits - The Grits

Hailing from Brighton, The Grits emerge with their own take on raw, rare and grimy instrumental funk.
Their self titled debut includes a superb cover of The Soul Drifters 'Funky Soul Brother', as well as 'Boom Boom', the sold out 45 released on Freestyle and its B side 'Jan Jan' - an instant raw funk classic championed by Radio 2's Mark Lamarr and Radio 6 funkster Craig Charles.

Ακολουθώντας το link αυτού του super δίσκου, κατέληξα στο site της εταιρίας και αποφάσισα να κατεβάσω κάτι (σχεδόν) στην τύχη.
Νομίζω ήμουνα τυχερός ;)



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