Growing - All The Way

Joe is left-handed and Kevin is right-handed. In recent concerts, both Doria and Denardo use pairs of amplifiers for true-stereo guitar setups. Until recently, Joe has played seated, and Kevin played with his back often turned toward the audience. In recent (2008) concerts, Joe plays standing, and both move and dance about their stage.

Growing's music is based in heavily processed, droning guitar sounds. They regularly employ looping pedals the Ebow to extend the drone sounds seamlessly and indefinitely.

In addition to floor pedals, both Doria and Denardo process their guitars through instruments and effects not traditionally designed or marketed for guitar. These include touch pads and rhythm boxes, which allow extensive hands-on control.

In several interviews, members of Growing have described their preference for using these stomp-boxes, DJ effects, drum machines, and other music hardware for it's simplicity and hands-on effectiveness, rather than laptop computers (which have become a predominant tool among electronic musics) for their sampling and/or sound manipulation.





monospace said...

kala ypnotismos full!
to ebala shmera to prwi kai akomh den exw katalabei pou brhskomai kai ti kanw!
katse na to kleisw mpas kai kanw kamia douleia giati ola exoune mpei se loop!

oraio pantws. poly oraio.

cubeart13 said...

εγγύησσσσσση !!! ;)

mao tse tung said...

na paro 2 kommatia sto spiti gia th murple pou ta xreiazetai?

cube you are the man with the masterplan ;)

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