Single men's choice

Work & Leisure Table


Lady - Kit

Ένα αρκετά ευχάριστο και έξυπνο project για οχτώ προϊόντα που χρειάζεται ένας .. μπακούρης!

'..In urban Switzerland more than every second household is kept by a single living man. We studied these very interesting men and lifestyles, to find out their needs and problems. Based on this research we developed seven products which each perfectly fits in the single man's lifestyle.

The objects tell stories of the alone living man's everyday life - in function as well as in form. The eating table is a working table at the same time. A birdhouse against loneliness. Eating classy and ironing in front of the television. Washed and ironed shirts from the home delivery service. A protection from crumbs and fat for the keyboard. And what if the women of one's dreams visits?..'

follow me!

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