Groove Armada - Late Night Tales

If you like the GA and '80s electronica, you probably already own most of the tracks on this CD (Depeche Mode, The Human League, Roxy Music, Electronic and The Cure) but it's a joy to hear some of the remixes, particularly of Elle Et Moi by Max Berlin and the superb reversioning of Gaz Numan's Are Friends Electric (exclusive to this CD and based on a live track by the boys). There's new as well as old, too. Old, such as Marvin Gaye and Tami Tyrell, Stevie Wonder, and new, Peter, Bjorn and John or Midlake. However the biggest surprise of the album is the almost credible Will Young track, Friday's Child.They display all the musical authority and passion that typifies the Late Night Tales series. Many of the tracks have been re-edited to make this mix totally unique!Groove Armada have recorded their own interpretation of Tubeway Army's (Gary Numan) Are Friends Electric which is totally exclusive to this album and not available anywhere else and a specially commissioned Late Night Tale - ‘The Happy Detective' from British author Will Self.This twentieth release is quite possibly the best Late Night Tales yet, with the art of the mixtape in good hands. In this case, by treading a more familiar line, the new LNT, doesn't exactly do any of those things. It might not keep you up all night, but it does offer that pleasant combination of funk and electro that you've come to associate with the Groovers.

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Listen to Lindstrom's LNT too.


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