RA podcast - Laurent Garnier

Legendary French DJ and producer Laurent Garnier spins RA.107.

As the title of his recent 12-inch states, Laurent Garnier has been getting back to his roots of late. After spending much of the early '00s chasing down his jazz muse with Bugge Wesseltoft and indulging all sorts of influences (rock included) on 2005's The Cloud Making Machine, Garnier is now focusing his attention again solely on dance music.

His RA podcast is quintessential Garnier: driving, bigroom, and unafraid of jazz instrumentation or progressive touches. Beginning with Miss Fitz's controversial Nina Simone-sampling 'Drifting On', the mix travels 65 minutes of house and techno that is pure Garnier. There'll be a couple you know, there'll be a few that you don't, but Garnier keeps this party bumping throughout. In fact, you may just have a red face, by its end, from dancing so hard.

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monospace said...

To mix einai yperoxo. Parakaliste na to akousete amesws! :)

mamute said...

french forever! einai apaixto kanonika, mou 8ymise palies kales techno bradies sto leeds ;)

uneducated said...

U can also subscribe to my twitter's feed :-P

belated commenting - just opened my newsreader

wonderli said...

one of the Gods...

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