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OverstickerJune 5th, 2008 by Dan Waber

To solve a problem particular to contemporary United States culture’s omnipresent “God Bless America” stickers and signs an oversticker that can be applied above/before, as needed, to provide a recontextualizing preface. Sticker says: America Sneezed.

America Sneezed.

God Bless America


Look Up!May 29th, 2008 by Pat Stump

Go out side right now, look up, and draw! You see so many things that you could possibly draw when you just look up into the sky! From buildings to trees the possibilities are endless! I say Draw and Enjoy!


Great Band Name May 9th, 2008 by Dan Waber

It’s a punctuation mark that combines the exclamation point with the question mark. Looks like this:

More info at the Wikipedia page for interrobang.


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