I Am The Architect - 11

I AM THE ARCHITECT found their place in autumn 2007 in Münster, Germany. Their sound relies on post-rock, early nineties shoegaze and elements of classical music. out of this mixture occur songs that are able to combine contrasts. complex structures meet catchy melodies, melancholic atmosphere opens the door for brute soundwalls. They don’t set boundaries to their sound to develops a diverse unique music. violin, cello or transverse flute enrich their musical broadness. This is their demo-ep “11” which was recorded, produced and mixed by themselves.


monospace said...

filaraki exoume tipota se 'I was almost the architect but changed my mind and now I am the graphic designer'?

gia na doume.. !

murplej@ne said...

ισως κατι σε "I was almost the architect but changed my mind and now i don't know what I am..." ?


για να δουμε.. !

cubeart13 said...

exw kati se "mouth of the architect" alla thats some heavy f*cking metal ... do you think you cn handle it ???

gia na doume..!

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