Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden a DJ? Believe it. Hebden has been holding down a regular gig at The End for a few years now, blending current electronic music with the jazz, post-rock and various other genres that has make up his musical world. Purists take heart: Hebden’s dance music bona fides run deep. His first single, Thirtysixtwentyfive, was released on Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings and K7 tapped him in 2006 for a DJ Kicks mix.

Like that diverse comp, Hebden’s RA podcast isn’t about clean mixing and keeping genre-splicing to a minimum. Instead, the passion is the thing: Hebden delights in combining a whole host of tracks together into a whirlwind mélange of sound, all leading up to the placid and satisfying denouement that begins with C++’s ‘Angie's Fucked’ and ends with his stunning remix of Born Ruffians’ ‘I Need a Life’. In between those two? ‘Swimmer’, a track from Hebden’s new Four Tet EP, a release that makes clear that this dance music thing is something that Hebden is excited about exploring once again. Welcome back, buddy, it’s good to see you again.

What have you been working on recently?

I just had a new Four Tet release come out called Ringer, so I've been doing some live shows to support that. I've also just made another album with Steve Reid in New York and that will be coming out in October so I'm busy getting things ready for that. Otherwise there are the usual bits of touring going on and I'm trying to get to work on some new music in the gaps.

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